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When it comes to designing an executive office, there are some careful considerations to make. You need to think about the kind of impression you want to give staff and clients on entrance to your office, and how you want your office to reflect you and your company.


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Your desk will most likely depend on the size of the whole office, but tends to be the main component of an executive office. You need to remember functionality when you choose your desk size, but overly large desks can often look unnecessary and intimidating. On the other hand, an office with large spaces can seem quite empty and bland so it’s about striking a balance. You should include a couple of chairs around your desk to accommodate any visitors you may have.


The style of your office will say a lot to a visitor. You may want to choose a grand style, such as dark wood furniture to suggest that your company is long-standing and experienced, or you may want to choose a modern look to showcase a technological stance. Think carefully about what you want your office to imply and decorate accordingly.

Adding some plant life and greenery will brighten up a dark office, as well as promote a healthy working environment for yourself. You may want to display any certificates, awards or qualifications on the walls to show any visitors that you are a competent executive.


It’s likely you’ll need some storage in your office too. Depending on the nature of your business, you may want to have open shelves displaying your books and documents, or you may want hidden cupboards where you can store private and confidential items. Be careful to ensure all your office furniture matches and goes well together as a mismatched office will not look professional.

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