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A desk filled with messy paperwork and an office filled with clutter can be seriously disruptive to a person’s productivity, and also makes your work space look unpleasant. Whilst your paperwork is likely to be essential to your everyday work life and your schedule may be busy, a messy desk and office constitutes bad working practices, and is a habit your business should try to avoid.
Those who find that the paperwork is piling up and the mess is becoming unmanageable may want to consider doing the following to create a much more productive work space:
Go Paperless
Going digital and transferring all your documents to a computer database is a great way of physically de-cluttering your workspace, but doesn’t necessarily mean that it is organised. Paperless documents will still need to be kept organised with a filing system so that important information doesn’t get lost and can be accessed with ease. When transferring documents, make sure that you set up a simple computer filing system or make use of an online document storage system.
A Deep Clean
Taking the time to properly clean, or contracting a cleaning company to help you out, will make a huge different to your office and the amount of clutter you have on your desk. Not only will a deep clean make your office space sparkly and new, it will also force you to move and organise your mess. 
Better Storage Solutions
If you find that the reason your desk and floor is cluttered is because your cupboards are overflowing, then it’s probably time to invest in some better storage solutions. This could mean simply purchasing a new piece of furniture for your office, or a complete restructure of your office space.  
Don’t fool yourself into thinking that any new furniture added to your office will solve your problem. Instead, think about what you need to store and buy appropriately. If your desk is overrun with forms, then a filing cabinet is best, whereas if you need a place to put computer equipment that isn’t currently in use, a lockable cupboard works best. 
If your budget eliminates new office furniture, then why not check out our selection of second hand office furniture suited for Bristol businesses. Take a look online, or visit our shop to see what second hand stock we currently have. Alternatively, give us a call on 0117 955 3668 to find out what we’ve got coming in.


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