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Everyone is feeling the need to be more environmentally responsible, but with all the other pressures bearing down on a company, it’s easy to let being green slip down your list of priorities. However, reducing your carbon footprint can be really easy if you implement some simple systems in your office that will actually make a huge difference. 
Responsible Snacking
If you provide tea, coffee and snacks for your office, make sure you carefully choose responsibly sourced goods from companies with sound practices. Local goods are best to ensure that transport time is kept to a minimum. 
Also, try to discourage the use of plastic drinks cups and cutlery – it may be lower maintenance to throw them away, but rinsing and re-using mugs and cutlery is a much more eco-friendly practice.  
‘Fruitful Office’
This great company offers a range of fruit baskets delivered weekly. This will give everyone something healthy to nibble on, but also for every basket delivered ‘Fruitful Office’ plant a fruit tree in a disadvantaged African community. They always re-use the wicker baskets that the fruit is delivered in and use recycled and degradable packaging. Any rejected fruit is provided to Bristol Zoo or another project, and they never buy air-freighted goods. 
Ensure that you have bins for recycling different materials at convenient places around your office. You can also purchase all kinds of office goods that are made from recycled or reclaimed materials, from stationary to sofas. Almost every single item of office furniture can also be bought second-hand. This will be kind to your pocket, as well as being kind to the environment. We stock a great range of second hand office furniture in Bristol or the surrounding areas.
There are a lot of ways that you can minimise the environmental impacts of paper usage:

> Ask everyone not to print emails unless they have to, or have a ‘paperless office’ if you can do most of your work digitally

> Provide several, conveniently placed recycling bins to encourage less waste

>Buy thin, recycled paper for everyday use – save the expensive stuff for important outgoing letters, etc.

> Give your toner cartridges a good shake once they start to run low – this will prolong their life a little by freeing up some extra toner, saving your print costs. Also, recycle/refill your cartridges if possible. 

Reduce Electricity Consumption
Putting a couple of friendly signs around the office reminding everyone to turn off their PCs at night is a very simple way of reducing the energy usage in your office, if everyone listens to them. If you’re willing to put in a little more effort, check which computers have been switched off in the evening and leave a very small thank-you chocolate on their keyboard with a note. This will hopefully spur them to continue the good practice! It’s also worth considering lights and heating that works on a sensor or a timer to ensure that you’re never lighting or heating an empty office. 
If you’re after used office furniture in Bristol to further your eco plans, contact Gazelle and start re-planning your office today.


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