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At some point in time, all of us have had that trapped feeling of working in a windowless office without any natural daylight. It can make us feel down, deflated and just generally unhappy but does having natural daylight in the office improve performance, morale and overall output? We will now find out if there is significant differences between an office with natural light and one which does not.


exposure-to-natural-sunlightA report from Northwestern University researchers concluded that there is a fundamental link between office sunlight exposure and the quality of sleep workers get at night, general health and quality of life.  They reported that workers with daylight exposure in the work place slept on average 46 minutes more than people in windowless offices.  Workers who didn’t have access to sunlight in the office noted lower score in terms of quality of life, suffering health problems, vitality and sleep deficiency.

Also in the report, it says that people who had better sleep were able to complete tasks quicker and at a higher quality than someone irritable and lacking rest. Workers who had access to windows tended to exercise more which led to being more productive and happier in the working environment. Without sleep workers tended to have lower attention spans and suffered from depression.

In a different report by Cornell University the institution studied nurses who were working very long shifts during varied hours. They found out that nurses who were exposed to natural light were happier, better communicators, had general better health, nice to their patients and in turn, more productive in their job. Nurses were also more alert to situations when having access to natural daylight at their work station and this can be vital in the saving of a life.

The studies mentioned add to the mounting of evidence that points towards that exposure to light and dark patterns is one of the most important parts of a person’s circadian rhythm. These rhythms affect everything from the way we sleep, the way we feel, how healthy we are and our general mental well-being.

This shows that natural light within an office will not only improve the health and wellness of an employee and their mental state but if a person is physically well, their productivity, morale and communication at work will improve too.

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