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Colour has a huge impact on our daily lives, from our cultural and social understanding of different hues, to the subconscious influence it has on our emotions. Whilst you may be intent on having your office space decorated in a particular hue, you should consider its implications before starting to paint. The ‘wrong’ colour could have a negative impact on your workforce in both productivity and happiness.

 Which Hues to Choose?

There are plenty of colours that promote wellbeing and subconsciously encourage hard work. Before you just pick any colour that is known to aid productivity, think about the industry you work within and what you want your employees to achieve whilst at work.

If your business is a creative workspace, then consider painting walls blue or yellow, as these colours have a positive effect on productivity, learning, and idea generation. Workplaces that are in a more competitive or stressful industry could benefit from painting walls green, as it is known to create a harmonious atmosphere and balance amongst a team.

Avoid certain colours like red or black, as although they may be striking, they are known to induce anger and make a space feel cold.

Tints and Shades

Once you’ve picked a colour, you then need to consider the tint or shade you’re going to use. A dark, or very bright paint is best avoided as it can make a workspace feel small, and have a negative impact on employee’s emotions. A lighter tint works best in any office environment as it can create an illusion of space whilst encouraging productivity.

A lighter tint is also much less likely to clash which furniture and office equipment, or become dated, meaning that your office will not only be productive, but look stylish for a long period of time. Pastel colours on the walls of your office are also easily complimented by the addition of brighter office furniture. For example, pale baby blue walls can be matched and complimented by darker blue chairs without appearing overbearing.

If you’re looking for some office furniture to compliment your newly decorated office, why not take a look at the selection on our website. As office design consultants based in Bristol, we can even help you fit out your office to the most product layout. For more information about our products and services, get in touch by calling 0117 955 3668. 


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