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Used Office Chairs

Used Office Chairs

Buying second hand office chairs is a great way to have all the ergonomic benefits of expensive models without the price tag. Office chairs contain advanced technology to create the perfect conditions for desk work and considering we spend on average up to six hours a day sitting at our desks, this is something to pay attention to. Our stock of used office chairs not only includes traditional desk chairs but also posture stools and seating for receptions and meeting rooms. Have a browse through our online shop or give us a call to see what new stock we’re expecting.

Used Office Chairs - frequently asked questions

Why choose used office chairs?

Every office needs chairs. It is as simple as that. For many people running their own business though, the idea of paying a lot of a money on a designer chair can be off putting. When you want to have office chairs that look good, feel good and still have ergonomic benefits when you’ll be spending most of your day sitting down, the team at Gazelle Office Furniture can help find an incredible deal on a wide range of used office chairs.  Here at our showroom in Bristol we have hundreds of chairs that come in all shapes and sizes depending on what your exact needs are. When figuring out what kind of chair your want, you need to factor in certain aspects like comfort level, the quality of the chair, what size of chair you want, what kind of material you want it to be covered in and how easily cleanable you want it to be.  So whether you’re after a comfy leather lounge style seat, a chair which is easily adjustable or just something with dependable lumbar support, there will be a chair here on site for you.

What used office chairs does Gazelle provide?

The chairs we sell fall under three general sub-categories: operator chairs, meeting chairs and reception seating.

Operator chairs are generally those that you have at your desk and spend most of your time sitting on while at work. They will be the most ergonomically designed and generally have functionality like seat tilting and weight tension control to suit any person’s size.

Meeting chairs will generally be slightly more formal looking, although this can differ widely too. For those on a very low budget you might want to look at stackable visitor chairs for under £10, going all the way along the price range up to designer seats in near mint condition and luxury meeting pods for those who want a unique meeting area in their office.

Reception seating is almost always a very comfortable seat type that is well cushioned and made to stand out in its own space. We also have funky reception pouffes in stock for colourful offices that like to make a statement.  Of course if you don’t know what type of chair you need to have, or what would work best in your workplace, you can always contact us directly and we’ll help out.

What is the quality of the used office chairs sold?

We only sell used office chairs that meet our very high standards. Just take a look through any of the chairs we have for sale here on site and you’ll see that we only select and sell chairs that are as good as new. The image you see of the product on our site is exactly how it is here in our showroom and how it will arrive to your office. We list all the features of the product and provide a guarantee period on each chair too in the product description. We also carry out quality checks on all products, especially on our used office chairs, to ensure they’re all in great working order. And don’t forget that if you only need a chair for a short period of time, we do offer our office chairs on a hire basis if you’re going to be working in temporary conditions.

Why would I buy used office chairs?

There are a number of reasons why you may want to purchase the office chairs we sell here at Gazelle. One thing which is often not thought of when starting a business is the budget for furnishing an office. Most of our clientele that are looking for a cheaper alternative are usually new businesses working to make sure they have all the resources in place to get off the ground running but they might not be able to source the budget to achieve this. Some of our customers also tend to be more environmentally aware people, who choose to buy a used and reliable product that works perfectly rather than a new product.

How often is stock updated?

We update the stock available at Gazelle on a daily basis. With so much movement, there are times when the exact piece you’re looking for may not be available anymore as it has been sold. Don’t worry though as if there’s an item on site you’ve been keeping an eye on; you can just get in touch and we’ll help source it for you.

I can’t find exactly what I’m looking for?

 Maybe you have seen a certain type of designer meeting room chair and think it would be a perfect fit for your boardroom, or finally have decided on what your reception chairs should look like. The only problem is that you can’t see one like it here on site. For years now we’ve been helping customers who get in touch find used office chairs that are a perfect fit. So if there’s a very particular chair style you need, just let us know and we’ll help find a suitable piece for your business.

Where can you deliver office chairs to?

Our customer base goes all across the country. Whether you are up in Glasgow and need a good seat, are still using beanie bags around the boardroom table in Manchester and feel like an upgrade, or no longer want to have clients awkwardly stand as they wait in your reception area in London, we can deliver any of our used office chairs directly to your business.
We deliver all across the UK as fast as possible, with a large proportion of our customers based nearby in the Bristol, Bath & Greater South-West area.

How long to deliveries take?

We aim to deliver any piece of furniture sold to you as quickly as possible. The expected delivery period ranges between 1 to 10 working days. The delivery window is based on where the furniture is being sent and any potential payment charge that is incurred due to the postcode area. If you’d like to learn more about deliveries, visit our Terms & Conditions page.
And if you’d like to get a rough idea of a quote, use our quick query form. It’s a fast way of getting a quote based on your postcode.

How can I contact Gazelle Office Furniture?

If you are near the Bristol area, our showroom is open all day Monday to Friday. Feel free to come in and have a look for yourself to judge if any of our stock would be suitable for use in your office. If you live outside the Bristol area and can’t make it into the shop, you can give us a quick call on 0117 955 3668.  Alternatively, you can send an email to our team members at any time you’d like at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any enquiry relating to used office chairs and any furniture we sell on site.



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