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PED 1 – Slimline Mobile Pedestal

Inc VAT: £90.00
PED 1 – Slimline Mobile Pedestal
PED 1 – Slimline Mobile Pedestal

Light Grey 3 Drawer Slimline Mobile Pedestal

  • New Bankrupt Stock
  • WIDTH: 300mm
  • DEPTH: 500mm
  • HEIGHT: 600mm
  • A4 Or Foolscap Filing
  • Lockable: 2 Keys
  • Lockable Front Castors
  • Pen Tray Included
Product Code: PED 1 – Mobile Pedestal
Availability: 124
PED 1 – Slimline Mobile Pedestal
Inc VAT: £90.00

Used Office Storage - frequently asked questions

Why choose used office storage?

The cornerstone of every office up and down the country, a reliable storage unit is the first step to getting your affairs in order and all your important docs where they need to be. Whether it’s a traditional filing cabinet sitting in the corner, a stationery cabinet to keep clutter off the desk and ensure no one ever has to go on the hunt for the stapler, open storage for binders, a handy pedestal to keep under your desk or just a locker for some privacy, here at Gazelle Office Furniture we have solutions for all your business storage needs.

Having a clean and tidy office has a slew of benefits for your staff. As we’ve mentioned in our blog post Decluttering your Office for a Productive Work Space, using the type of storage solutions you’ll find here will help stop your desk from turning in to one big mountain of unassigned and misplaced forms.

Another key point to choosing used office storage is the simple savings you’ll be making on these products. Brand new units can cost a hefty sum, especially if you’re in a small business where the office budget is minimal. All the units we sell are from big names like Bisley & Roneo, come at a great price when compared with a new unit and a guarantee from us that they’re good as new for use in any office.

What used office storage do I need?

The type of office storage that will be right for your office all depends on what you need in your workplace. Here’s a breakdown of the types of storage you can get and what they do:

Filing Cabinets – We all know what filing cabinets can do. This the simplest form of storage for documents in the office and main point of contact for accessing materials. We sell cabinets of varying heights (anywhere from 700mm upwards) and different colours.

Stationery Cabinets – An under looked storage point in many offices where everyone is constantly trying to find a white board marker or paperclips, the stationery cupboards we sell come in the very common Tambour grated sliding door style (for less than £60 in some cases) and across the range all the way to very large multi-drawer plan chest units that are ideal in large offices with a dedicated creative team using their own stationery materials.

Open Storage – Favoured in small offices and in managerial spaces, open storage units are ideal for quick access to folders and materials. The open bookcase styled products we sell almost always have adjustable shelve heights to easily fit items of varying sizes.

The CONTRACT – Open Bookcase is our most popular product within this sub-section, coming in both an optional beech and oak finish.

Pedestals – Perfect for middle to large offices that need to provide staff with individual and easily accessible storage points, we have pedestals from top names such as Triumph, Kinnarps & EFG. These smaller units fit just right under or alongside desks, with some having lock capabilities for extra privacy.

Lockers – We’re seeing a growing popularity in storage lockers, especially for businesses that have shared office or retail space and want to provide staff with an added layer of security for their belongings. Our locker stock comes and goes quite quickly when any new stock goes live on site, so if there isn’t the right type of locker you can see on the page, get in touch right away and we’ll help source one for you.

Why would I buy used office storage?

Used office storage is a great way of having reliable storage in your office at a price well within your budget. We always promise a guarantee on quality for each and every product sold on site. And you’ll know the exact product you’re getting too as the images for each item are of that exact product as it currently sits here in our warehouse. We only ever feel comfortable selling used office storage that we ourselves would use.

How often is your used office storage stock updated?

We get new stock to evaluate here in the warehouse every day. We try to get new products up on site as fast as possible but customers will usually get in touch within a day or two of a new storage cabinet or locker going up on site. You’ll see with every product the current availability we have for it.

I can’t find the type of storage unit I’m looking for?

If you’ve had a look at all our storage products and don’t see the particular type you want in your work space, just get in touch with our team of experts. We source all of our products from across the UK and have a trusted network of suppliers we can get in touch with to help source the ideal storage unit.

Where does Gazelle deliver office storage to?

We can send any product you see here on site anywhere in the UK. We try our best to offer 24-hour delivery when it’s possible depending on the size of the product, especially for customers in the Greater Bristol area.

How long do deliveries take?

You can find out everything you need to know about deliveries on our Terms & Conditions page. You can also use our quick query form to get a good idea on a delivery price depending on your location. Any order placed will take on average 1-10 working days to be fully processed and delivered directly to you. In cases where you might want to order multiple storage units and a number of other used office furniture items, delivery time may be a few days more.

How can I contact Gazelle Office Furniture?

We are open on weekdays if you’re nearby and want to see the used office storage we have in person, as well as any other products we have that might be useful for your office. If you’re outside the Greater Bristol area and can’t make it into the shop, you always phone us directly on 0117 955 3668. You can also send an email any time you’d like at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. relating to any enquiry about used office storage and all the products we have here on site.

Used Office Desks - frequently asked questions

Why choose used office desks?

The spot you’ll spend most of your working day in requires a good and trusty desk. That means not having a scuffed table that looks dirty, a wonky table that never sits straight (even with a few squares of paper wedged underneath) and one that suits your job i.e. will it be a desk for your office, a central meeting point, or for the reception?

There is more to choosing to a used office desk than simply needing a table. Size is the most important of course and don’t worry as we list the dimensions of every table sold on site so you can be sure with a tape measure it will fit in neatly. But you’ll also need to consider the style of desk and what you want its function to be (Will it be a personal desk, a boardroom table or something for the break room?)

If you are looking for a larger table, we would suggest taking a lot at our used office boardroom furniture which has everything from folding leg tables for space to plush meeting pods.

What size of office desk do I need?

Buy a small desk and you could have an office full of people with no space to work efficiently in. Get a desk too big and it could soon become a home for stacks of paperwork to amass on. Finding the right sized desk involves you figuring out what you need a desk for, how much storage you need just for items you routinely use and how much personal space you need.

If you’re unsure about the type of used office desk you, read our blog post on finding the ideal desk size.

What used office desks do I need?

Here at Gazelle we have three types of used office desks that can work in any office space.

Straight Desks – It doesn’t get any more practical than this. We are very lucky to have used straight desks from top names like Kinnarps & Herman Miller. Our straight desks start for at just £50 for a 1200mm straight desk that fits perfectly in any office, with our range going all the way up to high quality bench desks.  We also have some straight desks with additional storage areas included under the desk. If you want a small under table cabinet to keep out of sight, check out our used pedestals.

Wave Desks – An ideal fit for the reception area, a wave desk is best suited for someone who has to work simultaneously on a computer and with paper files on their desks. We have tables available with left, right and double waves. The wave structure is ideal if you’re in an office where you need to have a bank of desks arranged and want to give workers a little extra room. And if you need to give some privacy too, we do stock used partitions and screens.

Corner Desks – The perfect desk for the manager’s office, a trusted and sturdy corner office desk gives you a lot of manoeuvrability and some secure storage options too. If you’re in the process of getting your own manager’s office in order, we highly recommend reading our blog post on designing the perfect executive office.

Why would I buy a used office desk?

It is the most important item you need in an office, but getting a good deal on one can be difficult. Buying a brand new desk comes with a much higher price tag than expected. We also find that many of our customers understand the environmental impact that comes with getting a new desk and see purchasing a highly reliable desk as a good investment.

And we don’t lie when talking about how reliable our desks are. At Gazelle we are very thorough with any piece of used office furniture that comes to us and will only sell products that meet our high standards. You can see for yourself the prime condition every desk we sell is in as the product pictures on site are the current condition of a desk as it sits here at in the Gazelle warehouse.

How often is your stock of used office desks updated?

Every day we receive new stock and try to get it up online as fast as possible. And with the popularity of some desks, especially the corner models, products don’t stay up for long on site.

If by chance you see a desk you like and the product has been sold in the interim, we would be more than happy to help source a similar desk for you.
And don’t forget that we also have a great selection of used office chairs we update daily too that go all too well with our desks.

I can’t find the type of desk I’m looking for?

We get all our products from trusted sources across the country. If you have a certain designer in mind or have a desk type that you’re having trouble finding a good price for online, get in touch with the team here at Gazelle by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or calling us and we’ll help find a used office desk for you.

Where does Gazelle deliver office desks to?

Deliveries with Gazelle start at just £10 and we deliver all across the UK.

How long do deliveries take?

All costs are based on the postcode areas we have to deliver too and you can see the full price list for your area on our Terms & Conditions page. Deliveries are on average carried out within a week and our working day range is in the 1 to 10-day area.

Can you help with installation of a desk?

We are very lucky to have a trained team of professional installation experts who can help with getting a desk in a tricky area or up a few flights of stairs and won’t just leave you with a desk outside your building and no one to help bring it in. Gazelle aims to make the delivery process as easy as possible.

How can I contact Gazelle Office Furniture?

If you’re outside the Greater Bristol area the best way to get in touch is to contact the Gazelle team directly on 0117 955 3668. We are open from 9am to 5:30pm Monday to Friday and are here to answer any questions about used office furniture.

You can also send an email any time you’d like at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. relating to any enquiry about used office desks and all the furniture we have here on site.


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