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Boardroom Tables

Any modern office space will need a high-quality office boardroom table, ideal for client and internal meetings alike. 

Gazelle Office Furniture offers an exemplary and comprehensive range of boardroom tables of all shapes, sizes, and styles to ensure that no matter your office aesthetic – we’ll have something for you.

Shop online with ease now, or stop by our warehouse to see our range and buy that perfect table.


Great Value Boardroom Tables

Gazelle Office Furniture has always been about offering our customers the best modern boardroom tables around. Our range includes:

  • Tables of all sizes that seat 4, 6, or up to 8 people depending on your needs

  • Square tables, oval tables, rectangular tables, and circle tables

  • Tables with high-grade, robust wooden builds featuring chrome, wood, or metal legs/bases

  • Tables that come in a variety of different colour options

 We are able to provide tables to suit different modern themes, too, from sleek contemporary aesthetics to modern futuristic aesthetics. For those who are looking for something simpler, Gazelle also provides neutral tables to fit any kind of environment.

No matter what you need from a boardroom table, we’ll stock something that’s perfect for your company’s needs. We even have used boardroom tables available, too, for those who want to cut costs and their carbon footprint contributions.

Browse our selection and buy today.


Why Choose Us For Boardroom Tables?

For over three decades, Gazelle Office Furniture has been working to provide businesses and individuals with superb, affordable office furniture for their office space – be it at home or at work.

Our goal is to supply the best office furniture around – both new and used – to ensure everyone has access to top-quality furniture at low rates. All the products we stock are built to last, and all our used stock has been tested for quality before being listed on our site for sale.

We have a customer care focus at Gazelle, meaning we will work with you to ensure you get the best deal possible for your requirements.

Sustainability is a hugely important consideration for us at Gazelle; we want to reduce our carbon footprint as much as we can. Find out more by reading about environmental policy here.


Outstanding Customer Service From Our Team

Do you want to know more about a specific product or service that Gazelle offers? Reach out, and our customer care team will take care of you. We are known for our friendly and helpful manner.

Alternatively, you can come to visit us at our warehouse at 208-212 Lawrence Hill in Bristol, where you can view our range and talk to us about your needs in person.

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Contract - Round Meeting Table

999 in stock
£165.00 excl VAT

Ensemble Round Table

998 in stock
£255.00 excl VAT

Contract - Meeting/Boardroom Table

996 in stock
£280.00 excl VAT

Ensemble Round Table 2

999 in stock
£310.00 excl VAT

Ensemble Modular Table

999 in stock
£410.00 excl VAT

Astro Arches Table

1000 in stock
£490.00 excl VAT

Ensemble Modular Table 2

1000 in stock
£587.00 excl VAT

Oval Meeting Table

1000 in stock
£650.00 excl VAT

Dialogue Arches Table

1000 in stock
£665.00 excl VAT

Prestige Table

1000 in stock
£1,200.00 excl VAT
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