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Boardroom Tables

We have a large selection of meeting and boardroom tables, Whether you are looking for that touch of class or the more modern look, our executive ranges of tables combine Chrome, Wood, Glass and Mesh materials. Chunky legs, two tone colours or that stylish look, With an array of shapes, sizes and finishes our tables will provide all you need to impress your next big client.

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Ensemble Round Table

£225.00 excl VAT

Ensemble Round Table 2

£290.00 excl VAT

Ensemble Modular Table

£350.00 excl VAT

Astro Arches Table

£420.00 excl VAT

Dialogue Arches Table

£555.00 excl VAT

Ensemble Modular Table 2

£565.00 excl VAT

Oval Meeting Table

£620.00 excl VAT

Succes 1 Table

£720.00 excl VAT

Prestige Table

£1,030.00 excl VAT

Succes 3 Table

£1,200.00 excl VAT

Succes 2 Table

£1,380.00 excl VAT

Succes 6 Table

£1,665.00 excl VAT

Succes 4 Table

£1,820.00 excl VAT
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