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Stationery Cabinets

Offices require reliable and practical storage and at Gazelle Office furniture we offer a wide range of stationery cabinets with an array of sizes to accommodate offices of all shapes and sizes, even those where space is limited.

Additionally, we have many stylistic choices for offices looking to escape the traditional aesthetic and brighten their space up to increase their team’s motivation. There’s something for everyone with these cabinets so you can mix and match to create an office unique to you.

We offer a range of trusted brands and only sell furniture that we would use ourselves. From cost-effective ranges to premium products, we can accommodate your office with beautiful cabinets no matter your budget.

Some Of Our Favorites

Our wide range of stationery cabinets provides effective storage to keep busy offices clean and organised which should increase productivity. We have a wide range so that you can pick a cabinet that you feel is uniquely fitted to your office and the vision that you have for it.

Here are some of the models that we stock:

UNIVERSAL DOUBLE DOOR STATIONERY CABINET - These traditional stationery cabinets offer a timeless look that fits well into any office and provides great storage that can be scaled to your requirements with a multitude of sizing options. They look sleek and provide excellent storage at a competitive rate.

STEEL DOUBLE DOOR STATIONERY CABINET - These heavy-duty stationery cabinets will last you a lifetime. They offer a clean look and some additional security for your storage, a great fixture that can hold a huge amount of office equipment.

STRUCTUREX LOW SLIDING DOOR CREDENZA - For a more modern look, these low down sliding cabinets can offer some Scandinavian style to brighten up an office space. With an impressive capacity, these cabinets can be not only an aesthetically pleasing option but also a space-effective one with a low design.

Our Services 

We offer exceptional services to make sure that our customers find exactly what they’re looking for.

We have more than three decades of experience working with office furniture so if you’re unsure what you want, we will be able to find a practical and great looking way to populate your office space with our high-quality furniture.

We also believe in preserving the environment and making sure that all of our furniture falls in line with the environmental policies that we set up so we could do our part in helping curb global emissions. 

Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding our range of stationery cabinets -or anything else for that matter- don’t hesitate to contact a member of our experienced team.

We can be contacted in a number of ways, you can phone us during our working hours at 0117 955 3668, or if you’re nearby you can come to our showroom and see our great stock for yourself; we are based in Bristol at 208-212 Lawrence Hill.

We can also be contacted through email, our address is and we will try to get back to you as quickly as we can.

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CONTRACT – Double Door stationery Cabinet

990 in stock
£143.00 excl VAT

Universal Double Door Stationery Cabinet

997 in stock
£146.00 excl VAT

Steel Double Door Stationery Cabinet

997 in stock
£195.00 excl VAT

Structurex Double Door Cabinet

998 in stock
£243.00 excl VAT

Wooden Tambour Door Cabinet

1000 in stock
£320.00 excl VAT

Classif – Tambour Door Cabinet - 690mm Height

1000 in stock
£338.00 excl VAT

Steel Tambour Door Cabinet

999 in stock
£345.00 excl VAT

Classif – Tambour Door Cabinet in 2 Heights

1000 in stock
£365.00 excl VAT

Structurex High Sliding Door Credenza

999 in stock
£395.00 excl VAT

Structurex Low Sliding Door Credenza

1000 in stock
£398.00 excl VAT
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