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The level of professionalism a work table brings is incredible and finding a high-quality one populated with appropriate seating around it can be the perfect centrepiece for any meeting room.

Our tables sold here are all in fantastic condition; you won’t have to worry about any defects or diminished quality as we only source reliable used furniture made from trustworthy manufacturers. Aside from professionalism, you want your office to be aesthetically pleasing and stylish, so it’s important to choose a design that fits your company and your office.

The office tables sold here offer a large variety of sizes, colours, and materials to choose from, so you can find what suits you perfectly.

Excellent Used Table Options

We have some great options available, with many sturdy tables that can be suited to fit just about any meeting room. Just look at a couple of the boardroom table options that are currently available.

MT1 – MEETING TABLE – This circular meeting table option is great for limited office spaces; the circular design opens up a lot more space and offers a plug supply or monitor space in the middle. Its large 1700mm diameter provides more than enough space to accommodate heavy amounts of paperwork, laptops etc. but is still small enough to fit into more tightly packed rooms.

CONTRACT – MEETING/BOARDROOM TABLE – This boardroom table design is suited for the more traditional, high-capacity office spaces. With a long 4000mm tabletop, it is perfect for large scale meetings and offers plenty of space for paperwork, laptops, and even some desktop computers. 

Why You Should Buy Used Office Furniture from Gazelle 

Buying from us will provide you with office-specific furniture that has been quality checked. Our team of experts ensures that your furniture is guaranteed to be in good condition with minimal wear. 

You will also be buying from an environmentally aware business. In an industry such as furnishing, which uses many physical resources, it’s important to ensure that we’re doing what we can to reduce our carbon footprint.

For More On Our Used Tables

If you would like to order a used table today or discuss the potential options available, you can contact a member of our team by clicking here.

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MT 5 - 1000mm Meeting Table

1 in stock
£75.00 excl VAT

MT 7 - 1500mm Straight Folding Table

4 in stock
£95.00 excl VAT

MT 4 - Meeting/Boardroom Table

1 in stock
£95.00 excl VAT

MT 2 - 1000mm Meeting Table

1 in stock
£100.00 excl VAT

MT 1 - 1500mm Straight Fliptop Table

8 in stock
£125.00 excl VAT

Contract - Straight Multifunction Table

999 in stock
£135.00 excl VAT

MT 3 - Meeting/Boardroom Table

1 in stock
£150.00 excl VAT

Contract - Round Meeting Table

999 in stock
£165.00 excl VAT

Contract - Meeting/Boardroom Table

995 in stock
£280.00 excl VAT

Connect 4 Person Meeting Booth

1 in stock
£1,575.00 excl VAT
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