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Used Wave / Corner Desks

When it comes to decorating an office for the first time, or even re-decorating, why spend more than you have to on brand-new furniture? Acquiring used furniture is not only a good way to be environmentally friendly, but a good way to save some money while upgrading your work space.

When it comes to corner desks, the top of the range brands and models can really punch a hole in your budget when bought straight off the line. Going for used corner desks will enable you to save budget for more important things for your office.

Why Purchase Second Hand Corner Desks?

Buying pre-owned can come with a lot of stigmas. You don’t want poor quality, broken, or bad looking furniture. Everyone wants an office that looks and feels new with a well-crafted aesthetic. You can get all that with pre-owned furniture.

Not only that, but in buying second-hand furniture, you are making an active choice with your purchasing capacity to help the planet. Buying second-hand corner desks is better for the environment than ordering completely new units.

We only stock premium corner desks that we trust in terms of quality and functionality. At Gazelle we have an impressive range of desks to select from for your office such as the Cantilever Curved Desk which is great for those workplace environments that want a modern flair. This curved desk gets rid of any jarring corners for the person’s workspace. It comes with three drawers for storage space and plenty of legroom with space for a PC tower too! 

And if you would like to increase the privacy levels between your colleagues, then have a look at our selection of used partition screens here.

Hand Picked Used Corner Desks

With over 30 years of industry experience in selecting and providing the best second-hand corner desks, our know-how and attention to detail will guarantee we stock only high-quality second-hand furniture.

Part of our mission as a company is to help lessen the impact of the furniture industry on the environment. You can find our environmental policy here for more details on what we do. 

Reach Out To Our Expert Team Now

If you have any questions regarding our stock, policies, or services that we provide, do not hesitate to reach out to us.

You can get in touch with the team during our working hours by phone at 0117 955 3668.

If you are a local or live within driving distance, then you can also find us at our warehouse located in Bristol at 208-212 Lawrence Hill. We are more than happy to get to know you, your business needs, and explore your furniture options with you in person.

Lastly, we can also be contacted online through Email where we can be found at

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CONTRACT – Cantilever Curved Desk

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