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Used Meeting/Boardroom Tables

If you have a regularly used boardroom that hosts clients or your own team for internal meetings, you’re going to want a boardroom table that looks the part while reflecting well on your business.

It also has to be practical, offering enough space for your team as well as clients when they come along. You may also want to consider the shape, as a round board table offers a more collaborative meeting environment whereas a rectangular table could seem more authoritative.

You can choose the style that works best for you, and as an added bonus, with our used range of boardroom tables you won’t have to break the bank.  

Reliable And Stylish 

Don’t let that used label scare you off, you’d be doing yourself - and your office - a disservice. We make sure all of our used furniture is still in great condition and only stock trusted brands like Bisley, Triumph, Kinnarps & EFG. Get yourself a boardroom table that suits you for less!

A Wide Range

We offer a comprehensive range of boardroom tables; there’s something for everyone with Gazelle. Whether you’re looking for a more modern open look or want the tried and tested traditional boardroom table, we’ve got you covered. Just have a look at some of the options available here: 

ROUND MEETING TABLE - If you want a more collaborative boardroom, why not go for a round table where there is a more open atmosphere that allows for more than just two-way communication.

MORPH FOLDING LEG TABLE - Need a boardroom table but don’t have the room? Well, the folding leg options offer an adequately professional aesthetic and the ability to fold it up and pop it away when your office space is needed for something else. 

Why You Should Buy With Gazelle  

We make sure that you get the furniture that will best compliment your office and will help you do so on a budget, if needed. With our wide range of used products, you can compromise on price without having to compromise on quality.

Our range has something for everyone and as an added benefit, when you buy with us you know that you’re working with a sustainable business. We have environmental policies in place to ensure businesses that we minimise the negative impact of our products and services on the environment. 

Get In Touch With Gazelle  

If there is something that you feel works well for your office, or if you would like to discuss options in order to spark some inspiration, you can click here to contact a member of our team.

If you would like to see our tables in person before buying, we have a showroom in Bristol that you are more than welcome to visit.

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MT 5 - 1000mm Meeting Table

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MT 2 - 1000mm Meeting Table

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Contract - Round Meeting Table

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Contract - Meeting/Boardroom Table

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Connect 4 Person Meeting Booth

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£1,575.00 excl VAT
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