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Reception Desks

Reception Desks

Every business owner knows that first impressions are hugely important when it comes to client impressions of your brand and business. That’s why getting a reception desk that suits your office space and brand identity is vital. It is one of the first things any new customer or client will see when walking in the door.

It is also crucial to get a reception desk that gives your receptionist everything that they’ll need to do their job. Plenty of space for a phone setup, inter-comm device, printers, document storage, and a workstation are all necessary for most receptionists.

At Gazelle Office Furniture, we are proud to supply a range of different receptionist desks for all kinds of office environments. Get a desk that’ll meet all your business needs, look fantastic, and won’t burn a hole in your wallet.


Our Reception Desks

As with our other kinds of desks, such as our used desk selection, we aim to provide our customers with a variety of options when it comes to reception area desks. We want to ensure you get the ideal desk for your space.

Here’s just a small selection of the premium desks that we have to offer in your reception area:

Denver Reception Desk 1 – if you want to keep things simple and minimalistic, then this desk will be perfect for you. Not too big, but not too small, this desk comes with  robust wooden chassis and offers everything a receptionist would need.

Welcome Reception Desk – for the more contemporary office spaces out there, we have desks such as this welcome reception desk that fuses modern curves with a rectangular chassis to provide a premium desk option. This model even comes with LED lighting space available around the square/rectangular section for added aesthetic appeal.

Denver Reception Desk 4 – or for the environments that needs a full chassis unit, the Denver reception desk (number 4) is a perfect choice. Curved round on both sides, this kind of desk is ideal for huge, open foyers.


Our Customer-Centric Vision

When you decide to get your furniture from us, you are choosing an office furnishing business that’s been furnishing office spaces for over 30 years. Our wealth of industry knowledge helps us choose some of the best office furniture around for our customers.

Additionally, we strive to provide the best customer service experience possible. All our customer service experts are well versed in our products and are more than ready to advise you should you need assistance.

But our dedication to our customers doesn’t end there. We operate our business in an environmentally friendly way to protect the forests and ecosystems we all call home. Our environmental policy, which you can find here, details everything we’re doing to stay as green as possible.

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Welcome Reception Desk

999 in stock
£435.00 excl VAT

Contract – Reception Counter 1

1000 in stock
£460.00 excl VAT

Contract – Reception Counter 2

1000 in stock
£460.00 excl VAT

Denver Reception Desk 1

1000 in stock
£520.00 excl VAT

Denver Curved Reception Desk 2

1000 in stock
£770.00 excl VAT

CONTRACT – Reception Desk

1000 in stock
£775.00 excl VAT

White Reception Desk

999 in stock
£875.00 excl VAT

Denver Reception Desk 3

1000 in stock
£1,155.00 excl VAT

Denver Curved Reception Desk 6

1000 in stock
£1,230.00 excl VAT

Denver Reception Desk 4

1000 in stock
£1,900.00 excl VAT

Denver Reception Desk 5

1000 in stock
£1,990.00 excl VAT
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