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Folding/Fliptop Tables

New Folding Fliptop Tables 

Folding fliptop tables are an excellent choice for those who want to save space in their office. They're a fantastic way to create a temporary workspace or meeting room, and they can easily be stored away when not in use. 

Don't waste space in your office – shop with Gazelle Office Furniture and buy the perfect folding fliptop tables for your space. Purchase brilliant tables at affordable prices! 


New Folding Fliptop Tables For Your Office 

Gazelle Office Furniture have an exceptional range of folding fliptop tables to help you save and make space in your office. Take a look at some of the options we have to offer:

Deluxe - Straight Fliptop Table – our deluxe straight fliptop tables are the ultimate space savers. With wheels attached to their metal bases, you can easily roll out these tables to create workspaces. Their ability to fold makes them simple to store away and stack – they're only there when you want them to be!

Straight Folding Leg Table – the straight folding leg table is a classic rectangular folding desk. These tables can easily be placed together to create temporary long meeting room desks, ideal for conferences and team training sessions.

Curved Fliptop Table – curved tables are a great way to form a circular desk for team building or to add to a rectangular or square desk to form a larger workspace. Our curved folding fliptop table offers the same easy-storage folding features as our rectangular desks, only in a stylish semi-circle shape. 

Our folding fliptop tables are available in a range of wood and metal finishes, so you can customise them to meet your office's needs. Shop now and find your perfect folding tables! 


Gazelle Office Furniture's Exemplary Services

Gazelle has been in the used furniture business for over 30 years. We know what makes great office furniture, and we're dedicated to getting out customers the best of the best for their office spaces.  

We have a showroom in Bristol where you can come and take a look at our excellent range of furniture. Our advisors are always happy to help you with your needs – showing your possible styles or explaining the features of something you're interested in.

If you're not in Bristol, don't worry! We offer a fantastic delivery service so you can get your office furniture quickly and easily online. We also have a detailed returns procedure, so if you decide what you get is not what you need, we can find something that will work for you. 

We strive for customer satisfaction here at Gazelle Office Furniture and will do everything in our power to give you the best service possible when you buy your office furniture with us. 


Sustainable Office Furniture 

We care about sustainability here at Gazelle. We're always looking for better ways to reduce, reuse and recycle. We also consistently look for ways to cut our carbon footprint and lessen our environmental impact. If interested, you can find out more about our environmental policies here


Reach Out To An Office Furniture Expert 

Do you need more information about our products, delivery, or services? Don't hesitate to get in touch. We're always happy to help!

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Deluxe Table Link

1000 in stock
£24.00 excl VAT

Morph - Folding Leg Table

1000 in stock
£95.00 excl VAT

Contract - Straight Fliptop Table

1000 in stock
£248.00 excl VAT

Straight Fliptop Table

1000 in stock
£270.00 excl VAT

Straight Folding Leg Table

1000 in stock
£275.00 excl VAT

Curved Fliptop Table

1000 in stock
£305.00 excl VAT

Curved Folding Leg Table

1000 in stock
£330.00 excl VAT

Solution - Straight Fliptop Table

1000 in stock
£335.00 excl VAT

Deluxe - Straight Fliptop Table

1000 in stock
£465.00 excl VAT

Deluxe - Curved Fliptop Table

1000 in stock
£520.00 excl VAT
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