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Draughtmans/Posture Chairs

Draughtsman Chairs & Draft Chairs

Draft chairs, also known as draughtsman chairs or posture chairs, are great for office spaces that require a comfortable, ergonomic solution to employee seating.

Without comfortable seats, your employees won't be at their best, which will, in turn, drag their productivity down. Comfort is essential for a good working environment and for employee well-being. 

At Gazelle Office Furniture, we stock a wide range of superb draft chairs in a huge variety of designs.


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Gazelle's Range of Draft Chairs & Draughtsman Chairs 

Gazelle's range of draughtsman chairs will have everything you could need for your office space. Take a look at the following:

SCD 4 Draughtsman's Chair – a great option for almost any office. This model of draughtsman chair comes with a range of options, including loop arms, adjustable arms, seat sliders, and even an aluminium base. That isn't including over 21 different fabric colours and over 41 premium fabric colours available. 

This chair also features a twin lever mechanism, has a medium back, is adjustable via a gas cylinder for height, has an independent back tilt, and comes with a five year guarantee.

Tek Stool – for those that need to get up and down a lot or need easy access to their workstation, the Tek stool is an ideal solution. It comes in two neutral shades for ease of blending with existing workplace environment aesthetics. It features a steel foot ring (polished), is gas height adjustable, and comes with a 12-month guarantee.

These are only a small selection of the entire range of office chairs Gazelle Office Furniture have available.

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Gazelle Office Furniture's Exemplary Services

For over 30 years, Gazelle Office Furniture has been providing great-value products at affordable rates from our showroom in Bristol. Feel free to stop by and see our stock for yourself.

If you aren't within a short distance of our showroom, all the stock we offer is available here on the website! 

Gazelle Office Furniture also runs a punctual delivery service for online orders or showroom orders if you can't transport your furniture yourself.

We provide an exemplary standard of customer service to everyone that chooses to shop with us at Gazelle Office Furniture. We keep our prices fair and strive to ensure every customer is happy with their product and our standard of service.


Keeping It Sustainable At Gazelle

Sustainability is a core value at Gazelle Office Furniture. We are always looking at ways to recycle and reuse, which is why we offer a huge range of second-hand furniture too. 

Cutting our carbon emissions is also a focus of ours, and you can find out more about everything we do for the environment by reading our environmental policy here.


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If you are in need of assistance with your order or want more information about our products and services, get in touch. We are happy to assist.


***Please Note Chairs Marked With Free Delivery Are Delivered Direct From The Manufacturer Boxed For Self Assembly*** 

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Tek Stool

1000 in stock
£93.00 excl VAT

Tek Chair

1000 in stock
£95.00 excl VAT

T300S Draughtsmans Stool

1000 in stock
£95.00 excl VAT

IND 3 Draughtsmans Stool

1000 in stock
£95.00 excl VAT

IND 4 Draughtsmans Stool

1000 in stock
£135.00 excl VAT

D300S Draughtsmans Stool

1000 in stock
£140.00 excl VAT

Backrite Draughtsmans Chair

1000 in stock
£155.00 excl VAT

SCD 4 Draughtsmans Chair

1000 in stock
£159.00 excl VAT

Derwent Draughtsmans Chair

1000 in stock
£170.00 excl VAT
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