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Freestanding Screens

A well designed office can increase productivity and keep your staff happy at work. Rather than start knocking through walls or even moving offices, you can do a great deal to change your office space with partitions. We have a large range of office partitions to provide you with the means to redesign your space without breaking the bank. We have free standing partitions as well as desk mounted screens that allow you to increase privacy for your staff, whilst still allowing for easy communication.

Excellent Options

Stocking top brands and very wide size options, we’re confident that we have the right freestanding screens for you. 

They don’t have to be purely functional either, you can section off an office while still making sure that it looks great and properly encapsulates your brand identity for when clients come to visit.

Whether you are going for a function-first standard office look or something that’s a little more modern, we’re confident that we can offer some fabulous screen options at competitive rates that you won’t find anywhere else.

Top Sellers

Just look at the versatility that our freestanding screens offer, you can pick almost any size and you can choose between linking, non-linking, pinboard treatment, and so many different colour options.  

FREESTANDING FLOOR SCREENS - With heights ranging from 1000mm to 1800mm, this classic screen can be suited to offices of all sizes. It also has finish options that can be matched to your colour scheme for some added aesthetic flow in the workspace. With these screens, you’ll be getting practicality at a competitive rate that you won’t get elsewhere.

FREESTANDING CURVED SCREENS - Want something a little different for your office? These curved screens offer all of the aforementioned benefits and options that the standard screens offer, where they stand out is in their more modern look that - as an added benefit - also offers more versatility through the workspace.

Go With Gazelle

Buying office furniture with us will give you the assurance of quality. Whether a product is new or used, we will thoroughly quality check it to make sure that it does it’s job while looking great.

We believe in getting our customers the right office furniture, so we also have an excellent team that is on hand to help with any queries that you may have. We can even talk you through potential options that may spark some inspiration if you aren’t too sure what you want yet. 

We are also an environmentally aware business, meaning that we go the extra mile to ensure the environment is considered through our selling and delivery process. If you’d like to learn more about this, click here.

Get In Touch

If you are in need of freestanding screens, invest in quality with Gazelle Office Furniture, your office will look as great as it is efficient. Contact us today for any more information or questions that you may have.


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Free Standing Floor Screens

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Free Standing Curved Screens

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