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New Curved Desks

Desks are essential in any office space or setting. When the time comes to replace your old desks with new ones, opt to purchase new curved desks to provide a stylish and spacious workplace for your employees.

Nothing is worse than a cramped, overcrowded workspace. Having a good quality desk is important as a great desk will improve the comfort of your employees, which in turn will improve not only morale but increase productivity. 

Gazelle Office Furniture offers a varied range of curved desks for all kinds of office spaces and is proud to do so at very competitive rates.

Browse our selection and purchase the ideal desk for your office now.


Curved Desk Top Spaces

Gazelle Office Furniture are experts at sourcing excellent desks, and we provide a range of options for businesses such as the Contract II range.

The Contract II range features a standard curved desk with a choice of three sizes, five MSC finishes, and three leg colours to give you an ample choice for your office aesthetic. The Contract II range also offers a wave cantilever desk and a curved desk with a pedestal package; both options come with a huge variety of customisation options as the Contact II standard.

Why not pair your new desk with a chair to fit?


Small Curved Desk Choices

Gazelle Office Furniture also offers other ranges with choices that are better suited to smaller office areas. 

One range that we offer is the Retro Curved Desk range for more traditional office spaces that are available in two sizes, seven MSC and leg finishes, and various 3 or 4-drawer pedestal options.

For those who want something simple but effective, Gazelle provides an Essential Curved Desk with two sizing options, a leg cover optional upgrade, seven MSC finishes, and three leg finishes. The Essential desk option has a pedestal option for both 3 and 4-drawer additions for storage space.

And do keep in mind that Gazelle Office Furniture also provides a range of used desks for those looking for a one-off purchase that’s more economically friendly.


Why Choose Gazelle Office Furniture?

At Gazelle Office Furniture, we have been sourcing high-quality office furniture for businesses across the UK for over 30 years. Our wealth of experience in the industry informs what furniture we choose to stock, and we only stock robust, reliable options that provide great value for money. 

Our customer care focus extends into everything we do at Gazelle. We want every customer to leave satisfied with the furniture they’ve purchased. 

Sustainability is hugely important to us at Gazelle, and as such, we aim to slash our carbon footprint as much as we can. You can read more about our efforts via our environmental policy found here.


Reach Out To Us

If you have any questions about any of our products, don’t hesitate to reach out, and our customer care team will happily assist you.

Alternatively, if you live close to our place of business at 208-212 Lawrence Hill in Bristol, you can stop by our showroom and discuss your needs with us in person.


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CONTRACT II – Curved Desk

993 in stock
£168.00 excl VAT

CONTRACT II – Wave Cantilever Desk

1000 in stock
£176.00 excl VAT

CONTRACT – Cantilever Curved Desk

999 in stock
£200.00 excl VAT

Retro Curved Desk

1000 in stock
£300.00 excl VAT

Essentiel Curved Desk

1000 in stock
£310.00 excl VAT
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