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Used Straight desks

Efficiency and functionality are the keystones of any productive workspace, and the choice of office furniture plays a pivotal role in fostering a conducive environment. 

Gazelle Office Furniture presents a diverse array of used straight desks that embody practicality without compromising on quality or aesthetics. We offer desks from top brand – guaranteeing their quality.

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High Quality Used Office Desks 

Straight desks are the cornerstone of a functional workstation, providing a simple yet effective surface for various tasks. Gazelle's selection of used straight desks encompasses an array of sizes, configurations, and materials, catering to diverse office needs. 

Whether it's a compact desk for a smaller space or expansive setups for collaborative work, these used office desks are meticulously refurbished to retain their durability and practicality.

Budget-Friendly Office Furniture 

Choosing used straight desks from Gazelle not only optimises office functionality but also aligns with a cost-effective approach. These desks undergo a thorough refurbishment, ensuring they meet high standards of quality, all while presenting significant cost savings compared to purchasing new furniture. This cost-conscious approach allows businesses to enhance their workspaces without stretching their budgets.

Tailored Workspace Solutions

Flexibility is key in today's dynamic work environments. Gazelle's range of used & new office desks caters to the evolving needs of modern offices. 

With options for cable management, adjustable height features, and ergonomic designs, these desks accommodate technological advancements and employee comfort, promoting productivity and well-being.

The commitment to quality and sustainability is embedded in every used straight desk offered by Gazelle Office Furniture. Each piece is meticulously inspected and refurbished to ensure reliability and longevity, guaranteeing a smart investment for any workspace.

Order Premium-Quality Office Furniture Today

Enhance your office's functionality and style while being mindful of budget considerations with Gazelle's collection of used straight desks. 

Explore our range to find the perfect solution that optimises your workspace efficiency without compromising on quality.

All of our used straight desks are also available to hire, for short-term emergencies to long-term contracts. Give us a call on 0117 9553668 for more details.

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Milton Home Office Desk

4 in stock
£55.00 excl VAT

SD 9 - 1500mm Straight Glass Desk

1 in stock
£65.00 excl VAT

SD 14 - 1400mm Straight Glass Desk

5 in stock
£75.00 excl VAT

SD 13 - 1200mm Straight Desk

9 in stock
£85.00 excl VAT

CONTRACT – Straight Cantilever Desk

994 in stock
£127.00 excl VAT

SD 7 - 1200mm Astrolite Straight Desk

3 in stock
£130.00 excl VAT

CONTRACT – Bench Desk

988 in stock
£142.00 excl VAT

SD 8 - 1400mm Straight Desk

7 in stock
£145.00 excl VAT

SD 12 – 2 Person Bench Desk

1 in stock
£150.00 excl VAT

SD 5 – 4 Person Astrolite Bench Desk

1 in stock
£295.00 excl VAT

RS 3 – Single work Booth

2 in stock
£295.00 excl VAT

SD 1 – Height Adjustable Straight Desk

5 in stock
£295.00 excl VAT

SD 2 – 8 Person Bench Desk

1 in stock
£600.00 excl VAT

SD 3 – 8 Person Bench Desk

1 in stock
£695.00 excl VAT

SD 10 – 8 Person Bench Desk

3 in stock
£700.00 excl VAT £800.00 excl VAT
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