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Used Desks

When it comes to furnishing an office with exceptional furniture, it can get expensive to buy everything fresh from the factory.  It doesn’t need to be though. There’s an abundance of pre-owned furniture – such as used desks – that have minimal (if any) cosmetic wear that’ll do what you need them to do just as good as a new model.

Save money and get high-quality used furniture for your office space with us. Every piece of second-hand furniture that we stock is rigorously tested and has passed all of our quality control tests. We only provide premium furniture in great condition for our customers.

Invest in desks that will not only save you money in the long term but will also create a productive working environment for your employees. Give them a desk that’ll serve all their needs for the workday.


Our Used Desks

At Gazelle Office Furniture, we are proud to stock a varied and comprehensive range of used desks for office spaces up and down the nation. We have all kinds of desks to suit different work requirements and varied workplace aesthetics. 

Take a look at some of the excellent stock that we have to offer you:

Contract Cantilever Curved Desk – or for those office spaces that need larger desks for multiple computer monitors, this desk is ideal. Not to mention that this unit comes with drawer storage for office supplies.


Excellent Service, No Fuss

At Gazelle Office Furniture, we’ve been helping businesses furnish their spaces for over 30 years. Part of the reason we’ve been in business so long is due to our focus on customer care. Along with furniture that is of a great standard, we offer our products with a customer service that’s second to none.

But we are also big on reducing our carbon footprint as a company and keeping our day-to-day business as environmentally friendly as we can.

We are consistently looking at ways we can reduce our impact on the environment, and you can read more about what we do via our environmental policy found here.

When you decide to shop with us, you are choosing a furniture retailer that cares about you and the environment as well as providing top-grade furniture for your workspaces.

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Milton Home Office Desk

4 in stock
£55.00 excl VAT

SD 9 - 1500mm Straight Glass Desk

1 in stock
£65.00 excl VAT

SD 14 - 1400mm Straight Glass Desk

5 in stock
£75.00 excl VAT

SD 13 - 1200mm Straight Desk

9 in stock
£85.00 excl VAT

CONTRACT – Straight Cantilever Desk

994 in stock
£127.00 excl VAT

SD 7 - 1200mm Astrolite Straight Desk

3 in stock
£130.00 excl VAT

CONTRACT – Bench Desk

988 in stock
£142.00 excl VAT

SD 8 - 1400mm Straight Desk

7 in stock
£145.00 excl VAT

SD 12 – 2 Person Bench Desk

1 in stock
£150.00 excl VAT

CONTRACT II – Curved Desk

993 in stock
£168.00 excl VAT

CONTRACT – Cantilever Curved Desk

999 in stock
£200.00 excl VAT

SD 5 – 4 Person Astrolite Bench Desk

1 in stock
£295.00 excl VAT

RS 3 – Single work Booth

2 in stock
£295.00 excl VAT

SD 1 – Height Adjustable Straight Desk

5 in stock
£295.00 excl VAT

SD 2 – 8 Person Bench Desk

1 in stock
£600.00 excl VAT

SD 3 – 8 Person Bench Desk

1 in stock
£695.00 excl VAT

SD 10 – 8 Person Bench Desk

3 in stock
£700.00 excl VAT £800.00 excl VAT
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