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Mesh Office Chairs

When it comes to kitting out your office with new chairs, you should consider mesh office chairs as an option. If you, or your employees, spend a lot of time sitting at a desk, you'll want a chair that provides great back and neck support so you can keep going all day. 


Mesh desk chairs offer a great amount of ergonomic support, as the mesh can mould to the shape of the person sitting in the chair to support them as they work. 

At Gazelle Office Furniture, we stock a fantastic range of high-quality ergonomic mesh chairs for your office needs. We only deal in top brands so that we can bring you the best options for your office space. 

Get brilliant chairs at great rates!


Mesh Office Chairs For All Spaces

We have a variety of excellent mesh back office chairs that will offer you the ultimate support and style in your office space. Take a look at some of our recommended products: 

Polaris Mesh Chair – with adjustable lumbar support and height options, this Polaris mesh chair is a great option for those seeking ultimate levels of comfort and support. The Polaris features several comfort additions, such as weight tension control, a height-adjustable headrest and a twin paddle synchro knee tilt mechanism. It's also available in three colours, so you can easily match it to your office aesthetic! 

Ergohuman Elite Mesh Chair – just as the name suggests, this mesh back chair is an 'elite' option for those looking for a sophisticated mesh addition for their office space. All elements of these chairs, including height, seat and the back, are adjustable for your comfort. This is a fantastic choice for an executive office or a company that wants to treat its employees to the highest levels of support. 

Toto Mesh Chair – Toto has been specially designed to provide support for your standard 8h working day. It's the perfect low-cost option to provide the whole office with exceptional support from the mesh back. This mesh chair is a wonderful addition to any office space with fixed armrests and a padded cushion seat.


Gazelle Office Furniture's Exemplary Delivery Services

We've been in the furniture business for over thirty years, and this wealth of experience gives us the knowledge to know what makes great office furniture. Customer satisfaction is at the heart of what we do here at Gazelle, so we'll never recommend anything to you that we don't think would be a great fit for your office's needs. 

If you live in Bristol, feel free to come to our showroom and look at our furniture in person. We can help you find mesh desk chairs that will work for your office space. We sell both used office chairs as well as brand new desk chairs. If you can't make it in person, you can order online, and we'll deliver it to your offices. 


Sustainable Shopping With Gazelle Office Furniture

We're passionate about trying to lower our carbon footprint as much as possible, not only with delivery but also in sourcing and distributing our products. If interested, you can read more about everything we do by clicking here.


Reach Out Today

Do you want more information about our products, delivery, or any of our services? Don't hesitate to reach out to us; our friendly and knowledgeable team are always happy to help advise you however we can. 

***Please Note Chairs Marked With Free Delivery Are Delivered Direct From The Manufacturer Boxed For Self Assembly*** 

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Express Calypso Mesh Chair

985 in stock
£70.00 excl VAT

Tyler Mesh Chair

994 in stock
£90.00 excl VAT

Express Lattice Mesh Chair

999 in stock
£115.00 excl VAT

Nexus Mesh Chair

1000 in stock
£120.00 excl VAT

Toto Mesh Chair

1000 in stock
£125.00 excl VAT

Aurora Mesh Chair

999 in stock
£130.00 excl VAT

Luna Mesh Chair Black

999 in stock
£130.00 excl VAT

Jam Mesh Task Chair

1000 in stock
£140.00 excl VAT

Luna Mesh Chair White

1000 in stock
£149.00 excl VAT

Hale Mesh Chair

999 in stock
£150.00 excl VAT

Express Mercury Mesh Chair

998 in stock
£165.00 excl VAT

24 Hour Mesh Chair

999 in stock
£195.00 excl VAT

Polaris Mesh Chair

999 in stock
£210.00 excl VAT

Gazelle Mesh Task Chair

996 in stock
£225.00 excl VAT

Newton Mesh Chair

1000 in stock
£230.00 excl VAT

Hermes Mesh Chair

1000 in stock
£250.00 excl VAT

Freedom Mesh Chair

999 in stock
£273.00 excl VAT

Dorsum Mesh Chair

999 in stock
£345.00 excl VAT

Enjoy Elite Mesh Chair

999 in stock
£460.00 excl VAT

i29 Ergonomic Mesh Chair

1000 in stock
£495.00 excl VAT

Mirus Mesh Chair

1000 in stock
£535.00 excl VAT

Ergohuman Elite Mesh Chair

1000 in stock
£545.00 excl VAT

Nefil Mesh Chair

1000 in stock
£575.00 excl VAT
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