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Used Pedestals

Our great range of used pedestals from some of the leading brands offers space-effective storage for offices of all sizes. Our range can help an office organise and store resources.

Our used products are still of great quality and can provide a great place to store office equipment securely, we only sell pedestals that are of a high quality which can still offer the reliability that offices require.

Our wide range has options for conventional office spaces, pedestals that can fit in wherever they go, but here are also some more unique designs that can break the mould and offer an office a more unique look.

Some Of The Highlights

Whatever you’re looking for, we have it - our stock is constantly updating and offers both traditional and modern office looks, we also have permanent fixtures and mobile options that can offer your office some additional flexibility.

Here Are Some Of The Options Available

White 3 Drawer Mobile Pedestal - offering a traditional look this pedestal is practical and can be moved about changing offices, with its drawer handles it makes life that little bit easier. Great for fast-paced and versatile office spaces.

And if you require larger storage solutions, then check out our stationary cabinets here.

Better Services With Gazelle

We pride ourselves on offering a great customer experience, our wide range of pedestals not only offers great products at rates that won’t break the bank but there are also endless possibilities to design your office with a mix and match of furniture that you love.

If you aren't certain of your vision just yet, have a chat with one of our team members, we have three decades of experience and might have some ideas that will kickstart your inspiration.

For those on a tight deadline, all of our used Pedestals are also available to hire, to both short term and long term contracts. Please contact us for more information on this.

We also have environmental policies to ensure that our practices seek to reduce waste as much as possible.

Contact The Team

We are always happy to help with any queries you may have, there are a number of ways to contact Gazelle Office Furniture.

If you’re nearby you could always pop into our store and see our pedestals -as well as our other great products- for yourself. We are located at 208-212 Lawrence Hill, and our opening hours are Mon-Thurs: 9-5.50 and Fri: 9-5.

You can also call us during business hours, our number is 0117 955 3668 or email a member of the team at

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PED 13 – Slimline Mobile Pedestal

Out of Stock
£40.00 excl VAT

PED 2 – Mobile Pedestal

12 in stock
£45.00 excl VAT

PED 4 – Mobile Pedestal

18 in stock
£45.00 excl VAT

PED 16 – Mobile Pedestal

1 in stock
£45.00 excl VAT

PED 11 – Mobile Pedestal

1 in stock
£45.00 excl VAT

PED 12 – Slimline Mobile Pedestal

28 in stock
£45.00 excl VAT

PED 10 – Mobile Pedestal

5 in stock
£60.00 excl VAT

PED 1 – Under Desk Pedestal

5 in stock
£75.00 excl VAT

PED 3 – Mobile Pedestal

12 in stock
£75.00 excl VAT

PED 14 – Mobile Pedestal

3 in stock
£80.00 excl VAT

PED 18 – Desk High Pedestal With Top Box

2 in stock
£100.00 excl VAT

CONTRACT – Pedestals

987 in stock
£149.00 excl VAT
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