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Looking to decorate a new office? Or maybe you are starting to plan out an entirely new office look? At Gazelle Office, we have a wide selection of new office furniture to pick from to craft your ultimate office aesthetic.

Part of the new office furniture range we stock is our new office desks. Give yourself, or your employees, the very best when it comes to their workspace. Nothing is more counter-productive than having a workspace that doesn’t support the needs or functionality of your office.

Excellent Choice of New Office Desks

We aim to stock an impressive, varied range of new office desks that ensure you will always be able to find furniture that will fit your requirements. Building that perfect office interior starts with your furniture choice.

We stock top brands that only use high quality materials in their manufacturing processes which ensure that your desks are functional, and comfortable to sit at.

Here are some of the new desk units we offer;

600mm Deep Straight Cantilever Desk – if you are looking for something simple, sleek, and effective, then the Cantilever desk is ideal for you. It comes in 8 different width options, 5 MFC finish options, and 3 leg finish options.

Retro Straight Desk – this desk provides both an elegant design that keeps it simple, while being reminiscent of a more traditional look but having that modern twist too. Perfect for office workspaces that want simplicity at their core.

Contract Bench Desk – this bench desk comes with a fair amount of leg and work space, while providing some under desk storage. It comes in either white MFC or Oak for the desktop and 4 finish options for the legs.

Contact Our Experts Now

With over 30 years of experience in the office furniture industry, you can rest assured we will be able to find you new office furniture ideal for your situation. Our experts are ready and willing to help.

If you have any questions regarding our stock, policies, or services that we provide, do not hesitate to reach out to us.

You can get in touch with the team during our working hours by phone at 0117 955 3668.

If you are a local, or live within driving distance, then you can also find us at our warehouse located in Bristol at 208-212 Lawrence Hill. 

Finally, we can also be contacted online through Email where we can be found at

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Express Desk Mount Screens

£55.00 excl VAT

CONTRACT – Bench Desk

£139.00 excl VAT

CONTRACT II – Curved Desk

£155.00 excl VAT

Milton Home Office Desk

£155.00 excl VAT

Retro Straight Desk

£170.00 excl VAT

Essentiel Straight Desk

£180.00 excl VAT

Goalpost Home Office Desk

£182.00 excl VAT

Eaton Home Office Desk

£199.00 excl VAT

Astrolite Single Bench Desk

£200.00 excl VAT

Haynes Home Office Desk

£208.00 excl VAT

Odell Home Office Desk

£210.00 excl VAT

Partage Single Bench Desk

£220.00 excl VAT
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