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Used Reception Chairs

If you have a reception space in your office it is essential that you provide customers and clients with comfortable and professional presented seating. We understand that this can be costly which is why we have a wide range of high quality used reception seating.

Our range of seating provides cost-effective options for offices seeking to populate their reception spaces with high-quality and reliable furniture. We only sell models we trust so despite the used label this seating will last for years to come and often looks as good as new.

We can help you put together the office space of your dreams with options available that suit both modern and more traditionally styled offices. With our wide range, you can create an office that captures your business message. Most importantly no part of the message that you give off is more vital than the first impression; the reception. 

Just Some Of The Used Seating That We Have To Offer

Our wide range has options available for receptions of all sizes with an array of style choices. We can help you create an engaging hub that customers and clients will love when visiting your business. Here are some of the seating options from the wide range that we offer:

Allermuir Conic Reception Chair - This more unique and colourful chair again offers those waiting in reception comfort. But it also provides an office with some personality with its vibrancy; that customers and clients will be sure to love.

Gazelle’s Great Services With Our Used Office Furniture

We strive to bring our customers a great experience when shopping with us. We will not only provide high-quality products at a great rate, but we also seek to help each individual customer find what’s just right for them and their office space.

With decades of experience working with office furniture, we can help you design and put together the office space that’s right for you and your business. 

We also seek to waste as little as possible, on top of our extensive second-hand range we stick to a comprehensive environmental policy to ensure that we remain responsible as a business.

Get In Touch With Gazelle For More

The Gazelle team is happy to discuss what seating options may best suit your office, be sure to get in touch with us so that we can find the perfect seating for you.

You can phone the team on 0117 955 3668 or email Gazelle at

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