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Office chairs are obviously essential, but they can also be frustratingly costly. You can get around that by getting used office chairs from Gazelle Office Furniture. Used doesn’t mean worse; we quality check all of our furniture to make sure it is still in great condition, and will only stock used models from top brands. What ‘used’ does mean is cheaper, you’ll make huge savings by shopping with us. With loads of top models, you’ll be spoiled for choice and will no doubt be able to find those chairs which are a perfect fit for your office.

Used - But Quality Still Comes First 

While, yes, the office chairs that we sell are used, they are still in fantastic condition and are sturdy enough for busy office spaces that have people coming and going.

Just because they sit at a price range that doesn’t completely break the bank doesn’t mean that they are any worse than brand new furniture structurally. We make sure that everything is usable and looks great.

When it comes to chairs, we often sell in bulk, so you can make notable savings when shopping with us.  

Second-Hand Office Chairs For Everyone

We stock a comprehensive range of used and second-hand office chairs, so if you are looking for something standard and functional, or maybe something a little funkier, we have the chair for you. Just have a look at some of the great options available.

VISITORS CHAIRS - If you’re bringing visitors into your boardroom for a meeting, especially if they are potential clients, you don’t want that bland black or white plastic number. ‘Wow’ them with some vibrant and comfortable seating.

RECEPTION/MEETING CHAIR - A great option for your own office, if you are spending most of your working day there, then why not opt for a comfortable armchair with an excellent electric blue finish. 

OPERATORS CHAIR - If you run a busy office that requires a lot of cross-team communications, you will benefit from operators chairs, your team will be able to efficiently handle team-wide workloads.

BAR STOOL - Yes, you read that right. A lot of businesses are looking into bar stools and bar tables, it’s a fun piece of furnishing that offers the added bonus of elevation, so your team will easily be able to spot each other. 

Office Chairs With Gazelle 

Buying your office chairs from us means that you get that essential quality and reliability, but you don’t have to pay that brand new rate. We make sure everything we stock is in great working order and our wide range of used office chairs are no different.

We also take our environmental responsibility very seriously as we work in an industry that relies heavily on often non-reusable resources. We do what we can to make sure we are helping to better our environment.

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