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Used Desk Mount Screens

When looking to construct that optimal working environment, choosing the right furniture is crucial. Getting the right equipment to allow your team to do their jobs efficiently is all about making them as comfortable as possible and making the workplace a relaxing environment. Furniture is at the core of this.

But new office furniture can be fairly expensive, and when you add up the total, you may realize that your budget doesn’t extend too far. So, why not save money and get high-quality second-hand furniture?

At Gazelle Office Furniture we only stock top-notch furniture that we trust – and this includes our used desk mount screens.

Why Buy Second Hand Desk Mount Screens?

Aside from the obvious financial benefits of buying second-hand desk mount screens, there is also an environmental benefit to buying pre-owned. You are helping reuse and recycle every time you decide not to buy a brand new item.

If Environmental policy is a big thing at your place, this is a good way to set an example for all your employees.

As for used desk mount screens, just look at some of the excellent selection we have to offer;

DMS 12 1600mm Desk Top Screen – a stylish modern desk mount screen that would fit in well with any contemporary office design

DMS 14 1200mm Desk Top Screen – this particular used desk mount screen will fit well in any setting, be it a modern or more traditional style of office

DMS 10 1600mm Desk Top Screen – this desk mount screen in a bold red colour will nicely complement the more eccentric office aesthetics out there

Reach Out Now To Our Experts

Like what you see? Want to learn more? Then you can reach out to our team of experts to discuss any of the questions you may have about the used desk mount screens we have in stock. You can get in touch via our phone number during office hours 0117 955 3668

Or, alternatively, you can find us on location at our warehouse in Bristol at 208-212 Lawrence Hill where we can talk face to face about your needs as a business. 

Lastly, if you prefer, we can also be contacted online through our email inbox at

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