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Our range of used office storage offers businesses cost-effective storage space that can meet differing requirements. Our storage can offer offices everything from small and stylish partitions to much larger filing spaces for offices with a high load of paperwork. 

The storage that we provide is always of high quality and often in a condition that looks as good as new. The trusted brands that we stock will provide your space with reliable and secure storage that won’t break the bank, an ideal option for growing businesses.

We also offer an array of stylistic choices that allow you to put together an office space that shows off your business message; no matter if you are looking for a conventional look or something a bit more contemporary.

Some Of Our Second-Hand Storage Options

Our wide range of used pedestals, partitions, lockers, used filing cabinets, and so much more. We can provide your office with the secure storage that it needs with a style that can be suited to match your taste. Capture the perfect look that you seek to achieve with your office space.

Here are some of our used storage highlights:

3 Drawer Mobile Pedestal - Due to a cancelled order, this second-hand pedestal still hasn’t been used. It looks great with its Timber Melamine finish and provides some rustic style to an office.

4 Drawer Filing Cabinet - Our grey offers that sleek look to offices going for both modern and conventional styles. This essential piece of office furniture provides secure storage for key documents that can be easily organised.

Black Tambour Door Stationery Cabinet With Beech Doors - For something a little different and to bring an outdoorsy air to your office, why not go for this attractive yet functional stationery cabinet? It comes with ample storage room behind its slick beech doors.

12 Door Locker With Bench Seat - Another new model as a result of a cancelled order, this offers office workers a safe space to store keys, phones, and any other personal belongings while at work.

Our High Quality Used Furniture Matched By Our Great Services

We provide great services alongside our well priced and reliable used furniture. We seek to help our customers create an office space that truly reflects their business and its values.

With over 3 decades of experience, we can work with all of our customers to discover what will look best in their available office space. Create an office that meets all of your business needs.

We also take pride in our environmental policy. Working in an industry like furnishing, waste is common, so we do what we can to minimise our businesses' negative effects on the environment where possible.

Get In Touch With Gazelle’s Helpful Team

If you have any questions or queries about our storage furniture please do not hesitate to contact us

You can either phone us on 0117 955 3668 or contact us through Email where we can be found at

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