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Used Wave Desks

Wave desks are both a great looking and practical addition to your office. They are fantastic for desktops, offering that little extra room for a mousepad and will help your office capture that sleek and modern look. The thing is that wave desks from top brands cost a fortune. Kinnarps, EFG, Project & Herman Miller are all hefty investments, but as is often the case with office furniture, you can get that same quality and style from used wave desks. As they are used solely for office work, they will only have minimal wear and tear, no more than a new one would after a couple of weeks. Here at Gazelle, we quality check all of our furniture to make sure that it’s in a suitable condition.

As Stylish As They Are Sturdy 

The wave desks sold here are in fantastic condition, you won’t have to worry about a diminished quality as we only source reliable used wave desks that were made by trustworthy manufacturers.

Wave desks are a wise addition to the office, as they offer a practical use of space through the wave design. The extra space is ideal for a mousepad or notes which would usually end up elsewhere due to a desktop dominating the space on a conventionally shaped table.

Excellent Wave Desk Options

We have some great options available, with many sturdy wave desks that can be suited to just about any office. Just have a look at a couple of the wave desk options that are currently available.

1400MM LEFT HAND WAVE DESK - This enclosed wave desk option is great for open office spaces, with space underneath to store a computer tower. As it is 1400mm, it’s more than big enough to accommodate your workload, but small enough to squeeze into more tightly packed office spaces. 

1600MM LEFT HAND WAVE DESK - This larger wave desk is a fabulous option for offices that are sectioned off by partitions, as it will allow for a vast workspace. As an added bonus, it looks great with its oak melamine top finish and graphite cantilever leg finish.

Why You Should Get Used Office Furniture From Gazelle 

Buying from us will get you office-specific furniture that has been quality checked by a team of experts, so your furniture is guaranteed to be in good condition with minimal wear. But as it is used, you will not have to worry about breaking the bank with the often ridiculous rates for brand new furniture.

You will also be buying from an environmentally aware business. In an industry such as furnishing, which uses a lot of physical resources, it’s important to make sure that you’re doing what you can to reduce your carbon footprint, which is exactly what we do here at Gazelle Office Furniture.

Get In Touch With Us For More On Our Wave Desks

If you would like to order a wave desk today or discuss the potential options available, you can contact a member of our team by clicking here.


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