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If you receive clients to your office, it’s important to have a stylish and professional looking reception to create a great first impression. The first thing they will notice is your furniture so spend a bit of care and attention choosing the right style to reflect your business. This does not have to mean spending a huge amount of money as our new contract reception furniture can be a great cost effective option but if your requirements are that little bit bigger then please browse through our more stylish options. From reception desks, to sofas and coffee tables, we’ve got an array of beautifully designed items to bring your reception up-to-date.

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Low Square Table

£115.00 excl VAT

Brescia Round Table

£153.00 excl VAT

Pisa Round Table

£157.00 excl VAT

Monza Round Table

£159.00 excl VAT

Monza Square Table

£165.00 excl VAT

Brescia Square Table

£165.00 excl VAT

Roma Tub Chair

£175.00 excl VAT

Pisa Square Table

£176.00 excl VAT

Milano Tub Chair

£195.00 excl VAT

Pebble Coffee Table

£200.00 excl VAT

Pebble Glass Table

£200.00 excl VAT

Round Glass Table

£215.00 excl VAT

Metro Tub Style Chair

£225.00 excl VAT

Metro Lounge Chair

£275.00 excl VAT

Rectangular Glass Table

£277.00 excl VAT

Pisa Rectangular Table

£279.00 excl VAT

Brescia Rectangular Table

£290.00 excl VAT

Monza Rectangular Table

£305.00 excl VAT

Welcome Reception Desk

£345.00 excl VAT

Le Corbusier Style Sofa

£392.00 excl VAT

Denver Reception Desk 1

£420.00 excl VAT

Valencia Reception Chair

£450.00 excl VAT

CONTRACT – Reception Desk

£725.00 excl VAT

White Reception Desk

£875.00 excl VAT

Denver Reception Desk 3

£915.00 excl VAT

Denver Reception Desk 4

£1,450.00 excl VAT
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